UK Jobs – Skilled South Africans wanted!

Getaukjob welcomes South African’s to the UK providing information and advice to help you gain that important job in LONDON. Whether it’s an IT job Banking job or some other profession our associates may be able to help you.

Arriving in the UK, especially for the first time can be a daunting experience – looking for a job and temp accommodation is sometimes stressful, not to mention sorting out your finances, taxes and getting to grips with the transport system.

Welcome to the UK

Enjoy your stay in London and if we have not answered all your questions or need help, please let us know.

Have you just recently relocated to the UK? This website has been created for you to find all the info you need for looking for a job and accommodation. Once you’re more settled you will want to sort out your finances, taxes (if contracting) and start enjoying the UK. Accommodation is often a big concern for many people. The best option is to seek temporary accommodation and after you’ve found a job to look for something more permanent.

If you’re already in the UK your chances of finding a job are much higher! Take a look through some of the UK Job agencies and centres that can help you find the best jobs. What sort of accommodation is available in the UK? Find out where to look, what’s out there and learn of the key terms and phrases that you should be aware of. To work in the UK you must have a UK bank account and a National Insurance Number, this will be used to pay taxes whilst you’re working in the UK . You might also want to register to your local doctor’s practice.

What Next?

Make sure your CV is in a UK format and start applying for jobs, remember that you should mention your passport/visa type when making applications so that prospective employers are aware of your right to work in the UK. If you’re looking for some temporary accommodation or for something more permanent have a look through the accommodation section. There is also some general tax information and FAQ’s – if there’s something else you need to know just ask.

You can speed up your job search by using a Career Consultancy such as www.biteconsulting.co.uk  who will help transition your career into the UK JOB MARKET but will make a fee or profit margin on helping you find your success.

Enquire about our Transition Limited Company that can save you up to £8000 and pay for up to halve your flight and accommodation costs in the UK: biteconsulting.co.uk/limited-companies/transition-company/

A whole range of free help and support is available through downloading our associates app for Android phones and Apple.

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